NCEA Exam Revision

At 9:30am on November the 24th, you will be sitting your NCEA examination. This exam contains two papers: 2.1 Written Text Essay- in this paper, you will be given a selection of questions from which

‘Frankenstein’ Context Presentations

A handy reminder of some of the context that sits around the novel we have studied this year.

Revision BINGO!

A study resource to lead into NCEA exams.

Exam Preparation

Some past papers to prepare for the school mock exams.

2.5 Speech: Perspectives

Following our series of games, speech studies and debating sessions, we will now tackle the NCEA speaking assessment. A marker of gothic fiction is the presentation of complex ideas that are not simply ‘one sided’.

2.4: Writing Portfolio Part 2

The second task for this year’s writing portfolio.

Creative Writing Consolidation Task

The final task in our creative writing unit.

Creative Writing: The Learning

The resources for our unit of work on creative writing.

Gothic Settings

An examination of the gothic setting.

2.4: Writing Portfolio Task 1

The first of the writing tasks for the year.

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